Emergency Services Team Simulations

Inflow Interactive accelerates workforce capabilities via rapid prototyping of performance support and human capital analytics solutions

How can we measurably accelerate employees’ time to capability?

Focused root cause analysis

Identify and evaluate high
performers’ workflows

Embed analytics in workflow

When should we embed more learning content in the workflow?

What will it take to enable continuous improvement of performance support and learning content delivery?

Metrics aligned with business needs

Analytics skillsets

Ease of platform integrations

Frontline managers, human capital and learning leaders require measurable solutions that align workforce capabilities with enterprise needs


Inflow Interactive supports measurable improvements by: 

» Working with key stakeholders to surface critical performance gaps, apply rapid root cause analysis, and target capability metrics

» Developing rapid prototypes that integrate workflows, performance support, learning interventions and human capital analytics

» Collaborating with human capital and learning professionals to instill analytics skillsets that enable continuous improvement of workforce capabilities